Daily Jiddu – January 14

Learning is not acquiring knowledge according to Krishnamurti.

That is hard to grasp for me when I try using everything I thought I had learned.  Learning is not acquiring knowledge. 

I understand that the knowledge that you have already gained can prevent you from learning. Try discussing a new idea with someone who think he or she already knows everything, that’s impossible. I believe I may act like that once in a while too, I hope not more than once in a while but who am I to judge that.

Acquiring knowledge would be to store up memory, I guess learning is way more adventurous than that.

Maybe from a neuroscience perspective acquiring knowledge is putting the ‘memory’ neurons into place to remember something, and then ‘learning’ would be align the ‘process’ neurons. But I’m not sure if there are things like memory and process neurons.

I’m looking forward to learn more about learning, but somehow I have the feeling like that is not possible. Because my very eagerness to learn about it would prevent me from doing so. It’s confusing but enjoyable to ponder about.