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Pictures of 5 weeks Jiddu Alexander spent in India during November/December 2012.

India in image. Let’s kick off with the panorama mix-bag. After we’ll go through it by topic.

India panorama-03India panorama-01India panorama-02India panorama-05India panorama-04India panorama-06India panorama-07India panorama-08India panorama-09India panorama-10

Taj Mahal, this classic is a must. You will have seen it a million times on print before you get there, but it takes nothing away from the beauty when you first see it, at sunrise. Really if you don’t get your arse out of bed to see it for sunrise you’ll be disappointed. Watch the video of my Taj Mahal visit here:

India Taj Mahal 02India Taj Mahal 06India Taj Mahal 01India Taj Mahal 03India Taj Mahal 05India Taj Mahal 04

Now the Golden Temple of Amritsar is beautiful, but visually not a competitor to the Taj Mahal. It is the hospitality of the Sikh that make it the full experience of the visit equal to that of a visit to Agra. Three days and nights of food and sleeping place they offered me, and anyone else.

India Golden Temple 01India Golden Temple 02India Golden Temple 03

Trains. Mostly the crowd forces you to hang onto a open door. If you are lucky you have the space to sleep like these boys.

India Trains 01India Trains 02

Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, is surprisingly a place of smiles and hard workers.

India Dharavi 05India Dharavi 03India Dharavi 02India Dharavi 10India Dharavi 09India Dharavi 07India Dharavi 08India Dharavi 06India Dharavi 01

India has an extraordinary kitchen. Candy, sugarcane juice, dosa, Blue lassis, after dinner freshners and there is much much more. Just try not to get sick (to often).

India Food 03India Food 02India Food 04India Food 05India Food 01

Everything is holy in India, topped of course by the city of Varanasi.

India Varanasi 01India Varanasi 03India Varanasi 05India Varanasi 04India Varanasi 06India Varanasi 07India Varanasi 08India Varanasi 10India Varanasi 11India Varanasi 09India Varanasi 12India Varanasi 13

Dharamsala hosts many Tibetans and Tibetans have prayer flags.

India Dharamsala 04India Dharamsala 02India Dharamsala 03India Dharamsala 01

Srinagar, Kashmir, the place for houseboats. Whatever you do, do not book them in advance from Delhi.

India Kashmir 03India Kashmir 02India Kashmir 01

The remainder of faces (not without Gandi) and places.

India Faces and Places 02India Faces and Places 04India Faces and Places 03India Faces and Places 05India Faces and Places 06India Faces and Places 07India Faces and Places 08India Faces and Places 01

That’s 5 weeks India. Any comments, questions or suggestions do please get in touch. Thanks.



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