Nepali Holiday

Australia has Sunday sessions, England has a summer with an abundance of festivals, Amsterdam has Vondelpark, Finland has summer cottages spread around its mosquito paradise lakes and forests, Kyrgyzstan has Issyk-Kul lake, and etcetera. Every country, community, city or the like has its favourite ways of spending their weekends. Apart from India where it looks to me like they prefer to work everyday.

Nepal has what they call ‘Nepali Holiday’. That is every Saturday. Sunday they are back at work so I would call their Saturday a one day weekend. But no, they call it Holiday, I guess that sounds better. Thinking back to my time working as seasonaire (chalet host) in the Alps I understand their exaggeration. We used to only have Wednesday’s off. We didn’t call that weekend either, it was ‘DAAAYYYY OFFFFF!’ and it felt like a holiday.
One Saturday we were lucky to stumble upon a good Nepali Holiday session just outside of Kathmandu in the hills of Nagarkot. It included a Nepal style barbeque, party tent, face paint, a large sound system and stunning views over the Himalayas.


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