Sam & Jiddus India pt 3

(Continued from Sams India pt 1 & Sams India pt 2)

The Backwaters PT3!

Most people hire large rice-boats for hundreds of pounds per night to view the famous backwaters of Kerala… not us! oh no… we like to take a boat ferry into the middle of nowhere and ask an old dude paddling in a little boat if he can take us round… works *every time.

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IMG_2927 copy

Pretending to drive a tuk-tuk.

*it doesn’t

First backwaters trip was to Monroe Island from Kollam (the best trip of the three imo)

india pics 1

she definitely posed for me – and flew dramatically away

india pics 3

typical surroundings

india pics 4

I’ve entered this into a photo competition – i should win right?

india pics 5

i know!

IMG_2954 copy

busy pic

IMG_2967 copy

epic water tower

IMG_2906 copy

Great scythe

india sam backwaters

A crazy expensive hotel

 IMG_2944 copy

These are the houseboats people spend loads of money to separate themselves from everyone else – and from experiencing the beautiful surroundings authenticatly

 The second backwaters trip:

IMG_2946 copy

taking a boat-ferry to the unknown…

 IMG_2989 copy

Going off the tourist route is greeted by incredible reactions – familys and kids come out to say hiiiiiii hiii hiiiiii hiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiii etc etc etc

 IMG_3000 copy

Some can even invite you into their house 🙂

 IMG_3039 copy

nice clouds

 IMG_3071 copy

happy school kids

 IMG_3095 copy

nice eagle

 IMG_3111 copy

but this really really hurt

IMG_3099 copy

We also did a tourist boat ride – but… it was touristy!

IMG_3115 copy

 IMG_3124 copy

 IMG_3129 copy

 IMG_3134 copy


 IMG_3144 copy

we stopped off for some lunch – in a very ..strange.. environment

 IMG_3149_v2 copy


IMG_3156 copy


 IMG_3201 copy


IMG_3238 copy


We caught a Lizard fish!!

– observant readers will notice that this is the crazy looking thing we found dead in pt 1…

 IMG_3217 copy 2

Just an ant contemplating life, the universe, and everything

coming soon.. Pt 4…. THE JUNGLE!

Thanks for reading! Sam x

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