Sams India part 1

I start my adventure by arriving at Chennai airport, Tamil Nadu, India.

Instead of the 3 hours to Auroville it somehow takes me 8 – bursting for the toilet most of the way… on the bus wildly weaving in the soaring heat with hungry mosquitos.

I arrive and am greeted by my good fellow of a friend Alex. Time for a 14hr nap …

Auroville… (Click on the picture to get it enlarged)

IMG_2466 copy

Auroville is an interesting place – quite spiritual, & attracts many interesting people from around the world; working on various projects without money as the objective. Ranging from making musical instruments to solar panel consultation, it’s a kind of half-way introduction to India. Riding scooters through its vast land is fun.

The center of Auroville: no religions & no praying to anything particular inside the giant golden golf ball.. kind of place.

Sam & Alex do a weekend course of ‘Awareness Through the Body‘.

Sams reaction: “Meh. I’d rather focus on playing guitar for 16 hours rather than pretend to be a newspaper on the floor..”

IMG_2183 copy

I enter where we’re going to stay… Meera youth Camp

IMG_2525 copy

Mine & Alex’ room – which looks out on to the sea. 50p/night.

IMG_1884 copy

But the first day I arrived a house fell in the sea

IMG_2041 copy

So lots of people came to help build sand banks.

IMG_2043 copy

Only a few bags got lost

IMG_1977 copy

.. in the proceeding storms

IMG_2052 copy

We jammed

IMG_2111 copy

and took long exposures at night

IMG_2126 copy

got to know the locals

IMG_2176 copy

experimented with other sand bank designs

IMG_2301 copy

with more help..

We visited Mahabalipuram

IMG_2200 copy

and were made to be in pictures with families we did not know, which was great.

IMG_2218 copy

hung with four monkeys..

IMG_2235 copy

tried to push a round rock..

IMG_2236 copy

and slid on smooth stone.

Back at Meera..

IMG_2355 copy

A cat and his mantis

IMG_2374 copy


IMG_2443_2 copyIMG_2441 copy

A nice thing to find at night

IMG_2482 copy

This is Sadhana forest, in Auroville – volunteers who help turn desolate dry land into forests.

They put on free tours every week with free food & a film.

Sam & Alex’ leaving party: No pics as was too fun: Tamil dancing, jamming, drinking, great people etc

IMG_2486 copy

But we found a new species; we’re calling it the ‘LizardFish

IMG_2528 copy

Raju is our local hero

IMG_2512 copy

and finally just a picture of some “friiiieeennndsss

Alex and Sam then leave after the 1 month in Auroville to finally start their travels, and head to Rameshwaram (overlooking Sri Lanka.. almost)

… tune in for part 2 soon….

Thanks for visiting!

Sam X

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