Sam & Jiddus India pt 2

…So we leave Auroville & start travelling!

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Photo on 22-10-2013 at 22.36 #2 copy

First up is .. Rammaswari:

– The eastern furthest tip before Sri Lanka

IMG_2535 copy

The whole km of bridge was like this with a crazy swerving driver

IMG_2553 copy

Bus to furthest tip

IMG_2576 copy


– The furthest southern tip of india – where three seas meet

IMG_2657 copy

I’m famous in India

Photo on 23-10-2013 at 14.51 copy

Good place to work on iSKILLu

IMG_2667 copy

Alex did his praying

IMG_2674 copy


IMG_2628 copy


IMG_2630 copy

Then we enter KERALA (another state of India)

Neyar Dam:

IMG_2690 copy

I said something really funny of course

IMG_2711 copy2

Just some lions blocking the road

IMG_2744 copy

This is what £100 looks like in 100 Rupee (£1) notes. And me as a cool tooth-pick addict


We went for 3 days.. and spent 12 there.


We met a ‘funny’ guy called larse – who ended up stalking us to the backwaters to travel around with us 😉

watch lars play with some incredible guitarists here

IMG_2824 copy

Early morning sunrise

IMG_2821 copy

Nicest restaurant in Varkala for us (due to the nepalese staff – Sarsing we love ya!)

IMG_2754 copy 2

Frisbee action

IMG_2760 copy 2

Sunset action

IMG_2779 copy 5

Dolphin action

Photo on 29-10-2013 at 13.01 copy3

looking too-cool action

next… pt 3…. The backwaters!

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Sam X

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