Sams India.. pt 5

Sams India.. pt 5 !

SO – Alex my travelling buddy has left.. just down to me to have a bit of a good time along with my camera..

First stop: MUNNAR

IMG_3462 copy


IMG_3533 copy

IMG_3556 copy

Two travel buddies: Chen & Hanshen!

Us three having epic room changes to avoid mould… MASSIVE thanks to them for looking after me when I got the most ill I’ve ever been… (think averting a heart attack from food)

IMG_3548 copy


IMG_3534 copy

a dam

IMG_3535 copy

a dam view

IMG_3523 copy

Just went walking in some woods around Munnar..

IMG_3521 copy

IMG_3530 copy

… and we walk into a film crew!

IMG_3525 copy

.. who got us to dance for them!

This consisted of holding a microphone to an iPhone which sent the signal wirelessly to a sound system being powered by a generator about 20m away.. it was hard to dance too.. especially as we find it hard to dance anyway

IMG_3532 copy

Just hangin’ out with the ol film star casual like

IMG_3515 copy

funky village

IMG_3510 copy

IMG_3505 copy

IMG_3494 copy

seriously beautiful landscape – crazy bus ride going along it tho… 

IMG_3480 copy


IMG_3571 copy



– usually people stay here for 2 or 3 days… I stayed 3 weeks…. 

IMG_3625 copy

Large ancient chinese fishing nets – 8 men let the net into the water, and when they feel lucky they pull on the rope pulling the whole net upwards to see what was swimming above the net

IMG_3661 copy

IMG_3651 copy

This dude actually had v short arms & legs.. but enjoying life chatting to as many peeps as poss – whenever i passed we usually had a funny conversation or two about stuff

IMG_3627 copy

Which captain is more proud?

IMG_3591 copy

While walking down the street I was asked to be in another film!

My payment: £5+drinks+food 🙂

– Better get an agent

IMG_3597 copy

Met these other funky travellers – hey Lorenzo & Stefano

Us on the set of ‘Londons Bridge

IMG_3612 copy

I caught a bit of a cockroach

IMG_3585 copy

My room for £2/night comes with other roommates

IMG_3615 copy

Train station of Ernakulem

IMG_3623 copy

IMG_3673 copy

These two (Mark & Vale) saved me from staying on the wrong moving train. Mark ran besides it while I  tried to speak to the passengers, who spoke no english and seemed to not know where their train was going.. I literally had to do a James bond jump off with my bags and guitar to land on the last bit of the platform… AWESOME fun tho. Mark could also speak Hindi… it’s so great to see a white man speaking the lands language. Indians v surprised & impressed. Not so much ‘Where you from?’ & ‘Married?’ conversations after.

IMG_3697 copy

The train from Cochin to Gokarna is beautiful – up the West side of India.

IMG_3692 copy

Hay huts or just hay?

IMG_3678 copy

Thanks for reading!!!

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