Sams & Jiddus India.. Pt 4

Welcome to The Jungle!

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The three sticketeers venture into the Jungle in Kumily, the state of Kerala in S. India.

“You have gun?”
“We were told you have gun.”
“We don’t.”
“If tiger come at me, how I stop?”
“If you see tiger, tiger run away. If you see elephant, big problem. Elephant run faster than you in jungle.”

{This is an extract from the story Jungle Trek}

IMG_3276 copy


IMG_3281 copy

What BEAST has done this??

IMG_3292 copy

There were millions of these creepy crawleys

IMG_3297 copy


IMG_3301 copy

Resting after his dinner of soup

IMG_3306 copy

Beautiful jungle

IMG_3271 copy

Lars posing

IMG_3309 copy

Me posing

IMG_3318 copy

Me posing

IMG_3322 copy

Lars posing (with his stick out)

IMG_3335 copy

Jungle food! Veg currey and rice on banana leaves with popadoms.

IMG_3341 copy

It found the hole in our tent already.

IMG_3348 copy

This landed on me. The guide looked a bit startled, flicked it off and then rubbed his head on my arm to remove any possible poison 🙂

IMG_3351 copy


IMG_3287 copy

That ‘rocks’ alive

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 19.42.57 copy

After trekking Buffalo for a good few hours.. we finally find…!… a cow.

Look how pissed off the guide is 😀

IMG_3353 copy

But then.. just as it gets dark.. and one guide wants to go back… we finally find a trail… and climb up a tree….!

This mother and her baby, ever so slowly making their way through the bamboo of the jungle

See the vid here:

IMG_3359 copy

Me & the elephant. I look a bit worried as i’m balancing on a half eaten branch pretty high up.

Also if we made any sound or the elephant smelt us she might smash down the tree that we were in..

IMG_3367 copy

All of us in the tree!

IMG_3379 copy

Jungle sunset

IMG_3384 copy

Arty jungleness

IMG_3406 copy

We decided no tent for us on the second night.

This was much much more disturbing for sleep. Every branch break, every sound you wake up. And especially when the guides woke us up looking worried – which is the last thing you want in the Jungle. Our guides didn’t tell us what was in the darkness until the following morning…

In the morning our guides woke us up V early and took us climbing up to the top of the nearby cliff. This is what we saw at its peak:

Elephants impasse from APuffOfStuff on Vimeo.

IMG_3416 copy 2

Jungle dew

IMG_3419 copy

Us leaving

IMG_3428 copy

The Jungle Gang

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 20.05.16 copy

Jiddu leaving!

IMG_3426 copy 2


A masive thanks to our guides – if you want to go to the Jungle in India, just ask & we’ll give you Babus number!

(It was an illegal trip – but it was fun!)

Thanks for reading!

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