Should or should we not – the game

To play this game follow the following example and improvise.


So taxi, tuktuk, rikshaw, cycle rikshaw or any other drivers are driving you crazy?
Here’s a sweet game you game you can play to reverse the situation. It’s is called the should or should we not game.

Leaving the Busy Bee pub in Lakeside Pokhara my French partner in ‘this particular’ crime explianed to me what to do and so we did.

Just outside the pub in front of a line of taxi’s and a mere ten minute walk from our guest houses.
Frenchie: I think we should get a taxi.
Me: No way, we live so close.
Taxi drivers: Yes, yes, you want taxi.
F: It makes sense, it’s so cheap.
M: I’m not getting one.
F: Maybe you are right.
M: We would be home really quick though.
F: But it’s not really worth the money though, is it?
M: I think it is actually. Let’s get a taxi.
F: No, no. Better not.
M: Why not?
F: Well, because.. Actually maybe we should?
M: Although, I want to pass the shop. Let’s walk.
: But we can pass it with the taxi. Let’s get one.
M: No, that wouldn’t make much sense.

This goes on for a few minutes while we wait for Aron. He arrives.

M: Hi Aron, we thought to get a taxi.
F: But I think we better not.
A: How much is it?
M: ….
F: We don’t now.

Adam’s Peak, Dalhousie

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