The Other Nepali Holiday

You go to watch a football game in the local stadium. Strike.
You plan a few days out of the city so want to catch a bus to the nearby village Nagarkot. Strike.
You stayed awake till late planning your lecture, the next morning you wake up at 5.30 ready to teach. Strike.
You go to extend your visa. Strike.
You want to… Strike.
Let me just… Strike!
But, please… STRIKE.

The year before it was worse some told me. A two weeks long strike meant that domestic flights were the only transport still available for tourist to move around Nepal.
When you ask what they protest against you usually get half an answer. One day I realised that general public often doesn’t know why there are strikes. Nor do they join them.
“We work 6 days a week and many hours. It’s nice to have an extra day off sometimes.” Maya, from the Shop (see post: The List).


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