The Rhododendron

Japanese spring blossom. Do you get the same images in your head? Small lakes and streams, arched wooden footbridges, green grass, and endless numbers of blossoming trees in all colours.
After a few local tales I came to believe that Nepal’s rhododendron blossom season is similar. Mountains, rivers, snowy peak backgrounds, farmer’s villages with only footpaths, cattle, and an abundance of their national flower.

Hiking around several areas of beauty in Nepal I slowly modified my ideal thought-image. Be more realistic. I had seen the trees blossoming. However pretty, this paradise was probably only existed in my head.
Then on my birthday after a long day hiking Aron and I arrived in Dakachu. The picturesque village rests on a mountain ridge. The ridge views down the one kilometer deep valley and up the snowy Himalaya Mountains surrounding Everest area six and seven kilometers high.

Rhododendron 08

A curious cow sneaks is head through a half open door, while his brothers munch on fresh grass. A proud display of dark red and brown coloured feathers chases his chickens over the stone fence. The lady ignoring it all washes her clothes in icy-cold mountain water. Just outside it all I find a gallant goat catching the last hour of sun on an alpine-like grass field. He rested in the midst of a vivid show of rhododendrons.


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